February 8, 2023

I have been a vegetarian for over 40 years and I have never had a problem with eating meat. It was only when I started reading about low carb diets that I realised how much I had been missing out on. For me it was the taste of meat that made me want to eat it. When I started looking at what could be eaten instead, I realised how many foods were not suitable for me.

The first thing that I noticed was that some of the foods that I loved were not suitable for a low carb diet. The most obvious one was chocolate. I love chocolate and I would often have it as a treat but I soon found that I was craving it more and more. I discovered that I could still enjoy chocolate if I ate it in small quantities and avoided the fattening options such as cakes and biscuits.

Another food that I really missed was cheese. I love cheese and I have always enjoyed it as part of my meals. However, I realised that cheese is high in fat and calories. It is also high in protein so I was able to include it in my low carb diet. I also discovered that I was able to eat cheese without adding any additional calories by using low calorie cheeses.

Another food that was not suitable for me was eggs. I love eggs and I have always enjoyed them. However, I found that I was unable to eat them without increasing my weight. This was because eggs are high in protein and I found that I needed to increase my protein intake to compensate.

I found that I could still enjoy the taste of meat if I ate it in small amounts and included some vegetables and salad. I discovered that I could also enjoy other foods such as fish and chicken. I also found that I could eat these foods without increasing my weight or feeling hungry.

I found that if I ate meat in small amounts and included plenty of vegetables and salad, I was able to enjoy the taste of meat without gaining weight.